Practice Makes Ready

12 November 2022

By Linda Ferguson

When you practice with us, we encourage you to set positively framed goals because those goals become good friends. They bring out the best in you as soon as you commit to them and throughout your journey to achieve them.

But the positive goals of NLP training can be hard to grasp until you do the work. It’s easier to imagine the things you want to fight.

We want to fight sloppy thinking and unnecessary conflict and learned helplessness. We want to equip people to avoid the stuff that seems easy because it keeps you stuck in circumstances that limit or hurt you. We want to fight learned helplessness, that horrible feeling that you just have to accept what comes because you can’t change it. And we want to fight loneliness because human beings are socially-wired. We need to believe we can connect with others to believe we can live the way we want to live.

Our positive goal is to help you be ready for whatever comes next. Readiness doesn’t just happen. It is the result of steps you take to recognize the choices you have. We teach you to prepare for what you want, and to reset when the world threatens that preparation.

This is why our course can feel like a boot camp. You are being prepared to fight whatever threatens your well being and to regain your readiness when you get knocked down. A short program can show you what skills exist, but it takes practice to own those skills. We’re always developing new ways to practice.

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