I Know You’re Okay But. . .

There are many problems that we muddle through on our own. We don’t feel that they are significant enough to need professional help but we’re not always sure how to make things better for ourselves. This booklet is designed to help you deal with loneliness, stress, fatigue and restlessness: four of the problems that often stop competent people from enjoying their lives and achievements.

7 Steps to Success

Learn the seven states that will help set up you to choose good goals and enjoy the process as you pursue them. Work through fourteen questions that will show you how you want your life to change and grow.

Fully Engaged

It’s natural to respond to difficult situations by becoming numb or even by being deliberately dumb. Instead, open up to using all the resources available to make better choices and get better results. When you do, you’ll also build your influence that fully engages the people around you.

Getting to Know Yourself

All human beings live much of their lives on auto-pilot. Unthinking habits drive most of our routine behaviours. It takes effort to get to know yourself better, to understand the experiences that are driving your choices so that you can grow new skills and strengths. As you pay better attention to yourself, you’ll be rewarded with better experiences.

The End of Anxiety

An end is a termination but it is also a purpose. Anxiety has a purpose: it motivates learning and preparation. Learn to pay attention differently to how you build awareness, strength and stories about your life so that you can develop the optimism that puts an end to anxiety.

A Year of Sundays

This calendar walks you through a theme for every month and a thought for every week. Use these short thoughts as journal prompts or let them sit in the back of your mind and prompt you to do something to make you feel better or do better.

Leading Words

How do words make a difference in what we think, feel and motivate? This is a quick primer on how words connect our brains, minds and bodies. Learn how language works and how understanding that gives you new ways to practice your word skills so that you can have a more positive impact on yourself and others. Please note that leadingwords.ca is no longer in service. Visit nlpcanada.com for more information.

The Communication Workout Planner

This is a guide to focusing on one communication skill each month. You’ll find different ways of practicing for every week. This repetition in different ways is the best way to build skill. If you do the work, you’ll have better communication tools each week Practice makes better.

New Book!

Shifts: A Tool Kit For A Better You

The information and techniques in Shifts: A Toolkit for a Better You provide tools for building self-awareness and changing existing patterns so you can choose, act, and communicate with greater confidence and satisfaction.