Short Courses

Short Courses

Not Quite Free: One Day Courses

One day courses designed to make an immediate difference in the way you connect with others. Short courses cost $285 Canadian (including all applicable taxes) and run from 10am to 5:30pm Eastern time. All participants will receive a certificate of completion by email.

One Day courses are free to NLP Practitioners certified by NLP Canada Training. If you register for a practitioner certification within 6 months, we’ll deduct your one-day fees from your certification cost.

Upcoming Courses

What is NLP and how does it work?

Free! Start 2024 by learning something useful. A three hour interactive workshop on Zoom. You’ll learn how NLP was developed and how it can make a positive difference for you. Camera and microphone required.
14 January 2024
1:30p - 4:30pm

New Book!

Shifts: A Tool Kit For A Better You

The information and techniques in Shifts: A Toolkit for a Better You provide tools for building self-awareness and changing existing patterns so you can choose, act, and communicate with greater confidence and satisfaction.