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What is NLP? Neurolinguistic Programming is the missing link between great information about how people work and actually using that information to observe, connect and make different choices. We use the best available information to build courses where you practice techniques you can use under pressure, when you really need to make new choices.

Here’s what changes when you study with us.

Next Certification dates

Thurs - Sun, September 22-25 and Oct. 13-16 (8 days)

Sat/Sun Oct 29/30 and Nov 12/13 and Nov 26/27 and Dec 10/11 (8 days)

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 We offer #freeNLP workshops almost every week, NLP Practitioner Certification  and NLP Master Practitioner Certification

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Want an introduction right now? Listen to Linda explaining and demonstrating NLP on the Dr. Drew podcast.

For more than 20 years, NLP Canada Training has been a leader in face-to-face training in NLP (neurolinguistic programming). Now we’re using our expertise in learning and change to bring you great training online. Watch as Linda gets real about NLP with Paula Alphonse.

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