Free NLP Workshops

Free NLP Workshops

Live, Interactive Learning

Are you curious? Would you like to experience our NLP training before you buy it? Do you need a quick shift in perspective or just one technique to make a difference? We understand.

We offer free workshops on Zoom twice a month. These are workshops: you get a hands-on experience where you learn and apply NLP to improve one aspect of self-awareness or communication. You learn by doing, and there’s no sales pitch to avoid. These workshops include many of our graduates who enjoy returning to practice their skills and make shifts in their own perspective or behaviour.

In 2022/23, we are offering programs on different aspects of personal growth, communication, coaching and introductions to how NLP works. Click on a link in the schedule to register. All times listed are Eastern. Please adjust for your time zone.

Upcoming Workshops

All evening programs begin at 7:30pm Eastern. Please adjust for your own time zone. All programs require registration. Click on a link to register and watch your email for program handouts.

Our programs are live and interactive. We never record a workshop. Plan to attend with your camera and microphone on.

Excellence is a Team Sport

You’ve probably heard that it takes 10,000 hours to become excellent at a skill. What gets left out is that there will be other people in your life while you put in those 10,000 hours and the way you connect to them changes your path to personal excellence.
2 March 2023
7:30pm Eastern

Get Unstuck with NLP

Are you stuck? Some people can’t see a way forward and some people can see too many choices and not a clear way to decide. Either way, NLP can help you identify your next step! Learn how to open your perceptions to see the path you want to take next. Tracy Reece leads the NLPCT training team.
16 March 2023
7:30 pm Eastern

Bring Out the Best with NLP

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone you had to deal with was relaxed, focused and ready to work? The best way to make this happen is to learn how you can bring out the best in others. Learn three simple NLP practices for bringing out the best when you connect.
30 March 2023
7:30pm Eastern

Listen Better with NLP

What have you been missing? Learn to listen better with NLP practices for building relationship and catching more details. You’ll practice listening to recognize state and build rapport; listening to build your own experience so you remember more; and listening to notice key information so you get what you need. Lori Pearn leads.
13 April 2023
7:30pm - 9:00pm EDT