New workshop series on what stress is trying to teach you

7 April 2023

By Linda Ferguson

There’s a popular idea that people are broken. The argument says that our natural processes evolved for a different world. Our feelings don’t serve us well in the world where we live.

But. . . science says our brains are much more complex processors than our minds can understand. So maybe our feelings and instincts aren’t wrong. They’re just misunderstood. Stress responses are uncomfortable and we find lots of ways to fear or avoid them. But maybe there’s another way.

Maybe our four basic stress responses are each trying to prompt us to do something we need to do to live better or be more effective. The problem is not the response: it’s the way we react when we feel it. In a new four session workshop series, NLP Canada Training will guide participants through a new way to understand the messages that their bodies send them in stressful situations.

We’ve come a long way since we froze like bunnies near a predator or ran away from large reptiles that wanted to eat us. Find out the messages that stress might be carrying from your body and brain to your mind. Learn to interpret them in ways that benefit you. And along the way, learn why NLP’s focus on strengths and results can improve your ability to adapt and thrive.

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New workshop series on what stress is trying to teach you

Is it a problem or an opportunity?