Keep Working at It

16 September 2022

By Linda Ferguson

You probably know a version of the story where you fall in love at first sight with a handsome prince, or the one where you work hard to deserve true love, the story where you travel far to follow your heart or the one where it turns out your true love has been with you all along.

What you want might be a job, an achievement, a fortune or status. In the story, true love stands in for a lot of different desires. And all the stories agree on 3 things:

  • you won’t find what you want until you decide what you want
  • even if you have a fairy godmother, you’ll need courage and perseverance to end up with your heart’s desire
  • it will be worth the work, the uncertainty and the ups and downs.

Some people will tell you that if you are clear on what you want, the universe will give it to you. The part they leave out is that you have to be ready to do the work, to recognize what you want when it doesn’t look the way you expect, and to celebrate opportunity especially when it is hard work.

You don’t have to keep believing. Lots of people succeed in things they didn’t always think they could do. But you do have to keep choosing a story and working your way through it.

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