Mindsets, States, and Feelings

16 April 2024
Mar/Apr 24 Free workshops

In NLP, we call them states: in the rest of the world they might be called mindsets, feelings or emotions. Managing them is the key to how you get things done and how you feel while you are doing them. Yet, most people have few practical tools for recognizing the state they are in and then shaping it so it works for them. Without these tools, they are at the mercy of their feelings.

NLP is a toolkit for making change work for you: the changes you want to make and the changes that happen to you and around you. In her new book, Shifts: A Toolkit for a Better You, Linda Ferguson guides you through practical ways to make a difference for yourself and others.

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New Book!

Shifts: A Tool Kit For A Better You

The information and techniques in Shifts: A Toolkit for a Better You provide tools for building self-awareness and changing existing patterns so you can choose, act, and communicate with greater confidence and satisfaction.