What We Train

Have you ever let a great idea slip through your fingers? So have we. That’s why reading about change isn’t enough to make it happen. You have to take action.

Every training at NLP Canada Training translates credible information about how people make choices, connect and manage their emotions into practical techniques you can use right away. In our training rooms, you practice so that you can use what you learn where it counts: in your lives and work. The exercises are designed to build skills quickly and reliably.

Don’t take our word for it. Every month we host #freeNLP events that welcome you to build a skill or focus through practice. We offer short courses that use NLP to teach new ways to set goals and directions, to build agreement, and to lead through communication. 

Our core program is the 6 day NLP Practitioner Certification. It’s the basic skillset for deciding what you want, overcoming your personal roadblocks, and connecting with others so you can convince and collaborate. People use it to coach, to manage, to lead, and to connect with their own strengths and purpose.  We also offer a Master Practitioner training that takes you to the next level of committing to your goals no matter what your circumstances. It’s a bootcamp for leading yourself so you can lead others.

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