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When should you trust your instincts?

Whether you are making your own decisions or predicting what others will do next, you have a feeling about what you should expect. That feeling could represent your best information about a complicated situation. Or that feeling could be sending you bad information. How will you decide when to trust your gut and when to test it?

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is one of the best models ever developed for training people to effectively combine the information they get from their heads, their hearts and their guts. It conditions you to make better choices about what you notice and how to take action.  Click here for a brief introduction. 

Our best introduction to NLP happens on Saturday, November 29 on the University of Toronto campus. We sponsor an annual conference that gives you the chance to learn about NLP from the training team and to learn from 16 other NLP trained speakers. You’ll meet people who have done the work and who can tell you what difference it has made to them. This unique event costs only $85 when you pre-register or $100 at the door. Call 416-928-2394 for more information or click here.

NLP Canada Training gives you the tools and motivation to make the changes you want to make. Whether you train with us for an eveninga day, or a certification, we will show you how to exercise your thinking so that it is strong, flexible and supports the life you are making for yourself.

Linda Ferguson is a leading edge thinker, an engaging speaker, and a masterful teacher. She leads a diverse training team who walk their talk and apply NLP in different fields.

Email us for information or call 416-928-2394 and talk to the nicest business manager in the world.

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