Take back control

What’s controlling you? It might be fear or anxiety. It might be a voice you imagine that tells you you’re not good enough. It might be a person who always seems to get the better of you - in your mind, if not in your life or work. Whatever it is, it makes it hard to see what you want and harder still to get it.

Is it time to take back control? When you connect with your goals, your values and your strengths, you get to own the most important thing in the world: your own experience.

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NLP is a way to notice the link between your thoughts and your results. Click here for a brief introduction.  Life after training with us is full of new possibilities. You become aware that you are surrounded by strong and interesting people, you have new ways to use your strengths, and you are building strengths you didn’t know you had.

This fall we’re featuring new workshops and one day courses. Our NLP Practitioner Training has been updated and transformed.

Click here for a schedule that includes our evening and one day programs.  NLP Canada Training gives you the tools and motivation to make the changes you want to make. Whether you train with us for an eveninga day, or a certification, we will show you how to exercise your thinking so that it is strong, flexible and supports the life you are making for yourself.

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We host more events than any other NLP company in Canada. On November 29, we host our annual celebration of the NLP Canada Training community, HOPE 2014. It’s a one-day conference that answers the question: What kind of people study NLP and what do they do with it?

Linda Ferguson is a leading edge thinker, an engaging speaker, and a masterful teacher. She leads a diverse training team who walk their talk and apply NLP in different fields.

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