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Linda Ferguson, Ph.D.

Linda Ferguson, Ph.D.

People tell you to pay attention, to say what you mean and to plan for success. Almost no one tells you how to actually do those things.

You might know your own mind, but that mind is only one part of the mind/brain/body system that drives your choices. Your best self is always bigger and more powerful than the “you” you already know.

Take a few minutes to explore our Free NLP section. Whether you enjoy reading or listening, you’ll find ideas and inspiration that allow you to connect with your best self. We believe we owe it ourselves to put our best work where the most people can benefit from it.

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 In the NLP practitioner course, you learn how the whole system works to shape who you are and what you do. You see how memory is creating your future, and you make better choices about what to remember and what to plan. And you develop an appreciation for how effective and precise your mind/brain/body system allows you to be.

 In the NLP Master practitioner course, you get to work building ‘bulletproof thinking,’ the ability to find your best self while you encounter challenges.

 The next NLP Practitioner Certification, runs Oct 22/23 and Nov 5/6 and Nov 19/20, 2016

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is a great set of tools and techniques for understanding how minds, brains, and bodies work as one system. It makes it easier to know yourself, to set your own direction, to make the most of your social connections, and to engage in deeply satisfying work.  Click here for a brief introduction. 

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