The Classroom NLP Practitioner Certification 

NLP stands for Neurolinguistic Programming. It describes the way human beings think: they combine new information (neurology) with learned meanings (linguistic) in programs (patterns with a purpose). The NLP Canada Training Practitioner Certification combines the core practices from the NLP developed over the past 50 years with updated information from psychology, business and behavioural economics. In the certification, we teach the building blocks of self-awareness, connection with other people, and strategies for making choices and achieving goals.

This course will not run until we can get back into a classroom without masks or social distancing.

We offer the course in different formats to suit your schedule. In the spring/summer it runs as 2 3-day weekends or as a 6 day intensive. In the fall/winter it runs as 3 2-day weekends or as a winter 6 day intensive. All days run from 9am to 6pm in our training facility at 47 Queen’s Park Cres. E.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from your certification training:

  • know your own best mindset
  • change your state of mind to meet your outcomes
  • read and influence non-verbal behaviours
  • use language that creates agreement
  • manage conflict and resistance
  • overcome mental obstacles including stress, anxiety and bad habits
  • build influence and leadership
  • discover better choices and better opportunities
  • define what you want and your next step

Our course is interactive: you learn by doing. It’s practical: you learn techniques you will use everyday to improve your choices, behaviours and communication. It’s interesting: you’ll become increasingly curious about how you think and how you can model other people’s thinking so that you can influence them or learn from them. 

Our course is intense. We know you’re busy. You can’t afford to spend time on extra breaks if it means coming back for extra days. So we feed you the best snacks and coffee in the business and keep you working from 9am to 6pm in a program that accelerates learning. 

You can’t master anything in just 6 days. You can get started. To develop full competence, you need more practice. If you’d like, you can practice by repeating all or part of your training, as often as we have room for you. There is no extra charge for this. We are committed to being known by the skill of the people we train. As a learning community, we gather often so that we all become more skilled and more successful.

We are also committed to running a safe learning environment. The focus is on skill development and you’ll never be asked to share anything that makes you uncomfortable. You learn faster with a clear head.

© Linda Ferguson 2020