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Transform Your Leadership

Offered by request to groups of up to 18 people.

Coaching for Quick Change

Learn the 3 Rs: reflect, reframe and resource. Any one of these tools might help someone shift perspective and find new motivation to make change happen. Combined, they provide a great summary of effective coaching. In this one day course you will learn to transform  your conversation by reflecting so that someone can see their own situation more clearly, reframing so that they can move their focus to uncover new possibilities, and resourcing by drawing out the strengths and experiences that will support change. A great day for managers, teachers, trainers, parents, and coaches.

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Better Work

Have you decided what you want to be when you grow up? As we get to know ourselves better, we often need to change direction so that we can fully engage in our lives and work. In this one day workshop, you’ll explore what works for you, work through alternative plans to imagine different futures, and commit to engaging others through the choices you make at work and at home. A great day for everyone who feels that there’s something just out of reach that they want to accomplish and for everyone who wants to connect with someone who isn’t happy with the choices they have made.

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Communicate with Power

Can you make change happen just by the way you talk about it? Learn how great communicators define what they want, craft their message, and communicate it so powerfully that other people change their minds and their actions. You can do it too. Powerful communication doesn’t take amazing skills or talents: it takes a commitment to what you want and the willingness to form substantial agreements with the people you want to influence. One day will open the door to more influence when you want to bring out the best in others or make the best of a situation.

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