Are you asking your employer for funding?

We are happy to customize requests for funding, explaining the course content and skill development with reference to your specific role and your organization’s priorities. Please call or email if you would like assistance preparing your request.

Here’s a sample of text you might use in requesting support for your course with us:

Re: Request for Support for NLP Practitioner Certification with NLP Canada Training Inc.

I am writing to request approval for funding or other support for me to take the NLP Practitioner Certification course with NLP Canada Training Inc. My participation in this course will add to my toolkit for leadership, communication and strategic thinking.

NLP Canada Training is a leader in developing ways to accelerate improvement in communication and thinking. Their graduates learn to communicate more clearly, to connect more effectively, and to leverage opportunities in situations. More information about NLP Canada Training is available through their website at

The NLP certification provides conditioning in noticing and controlling the way perceptions lead to understanding and behaviours.  Participants get better at rapidly scanning their own responses and taking action to support their goals. They improve their ability to anticipate and shape reactions from other people. They use language more efficiently to make their messages stick.

There are many sources of great information about current developments in neuroscience, behavioural economics and business. What I will get from the NLP Canada Training Practitioner Certification is the ability to make use of current information so that I think and communicate more effectively. I’ll also see benefits in negotiating and managing conflict.

NLP (neurolinguistic programming) is a set of practices that have been developed over the past forty years to support a focus on tangible results and increased satisfaction with performance and relationships. NLP Canada Training combines NLP with the most current evidence-based models on how people decide, relate and make a difference.

Warm regards,

(Your Name)

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