The 6 Core Skills of NLP

In just 6 days, you can learn a set of tools and techniques for thinking more effectively and communicating more reliably. Our first level gives you a clear awareness of what’s already working for you, and the building blocks for new choices and behaviours. Whether you want to change your life or support other people as a coach, trainer or manager, this course offers you skills so practical that you will be applying them (and getting results!) before the course ends.

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Summer courses run July 8-13 and August 22-27.

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Focus on what you want. Find out what signals in your thinking and body tell you that you want something. Mentally test what you think you want so that you work towards the right goals and values.

Change the experiences you don’t want. What stops you from using your best self to move towards your goals?  Change your feelings about the past so that you can move freely through your future.

Recognize your connections with others. Test the edges between your own thinking and your observation of other people. Yes, you’ll get better at rapport. You’ll also get better at learning, teaching, and knowing how to separate yourself when connection isn’t helping.

Step outside yourself for better perspective. Learn to apply ‘guess and test’ to situations - see the feedback loops that let you know how you are influencing and being influenced by things outside your awareness.  

Ask better questions. Learn to use questions to uncover the information you need and lead other people to the information they need to own.

Build agreement. Develop agreements strong enough to make action happen. Get better at noticing and reflecting the experience of others. Say yes (and hear it) more often. Tell stories that model how change happens and what it will mean. 

Mindset. Purpose. Action. This is the pattern that allows you to change the world and to notice how the world is changing you. You cannot do it alone. This course will connect you with the ideas, people and practice that you need to gain more control over your life, your work and your satisfaction.

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