NLP Canada Training’s Practitioner Certification

Summer courses run 6 consecutive days: July 8-13, 2017 or August 22-27, 2017

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Have you been working hard to make the right things happen and there’s still something missing?

Most of us hit places in our life where good is not good enough. Maybe you’re there now. You know yourself pretty well. You’re quite successful and competent and you’re not satisfied. There’s something calling to you from just out of reach. When you can hear it clearly, you’ll be able to find what you need to move forward.

Our training teaches you to tune into your own thinking and to relate it more clearly to the people around you. We challenge you to use all your resources – your imagination, your knowledge, your sensory awareness and your deep gut sense of what is right. We give you a model for understanding the mind/brain/body system that drives your thoughts and behaviour. And we help you sort through the layers of connections and relationships that drive you at your best.

All people are social beings. You might coach, teach, lead, manage or sell. Whatever you do, you need a model that helps you make change in you and in the people around you. You need to be able to do stuff and to get other people to do stuff, too.

We’ll teach you how to communicate so that stuff gets done.

Call Carole at 416-928-2394 for information on pricing, payment options and course availability. She’ll be happy to help you register.

Lead Trainer, Linda Ferguson, teaches all of every course (sometimes assisted by Master Practitioners or Training Practitioners). We train in small groups (normally fewer than 10) and commit to getting results for every client.

Click here for a course overview.

You won’t find a long list of jargon on our course overview. You won’t be able to compare it line by line to lists of competencies. Jargon doesn’t prove that you’ll learn something and it doesn’t mean much until you understand what it represents. We use plain language and relate what we teach to what you already know. That way you progress more quickly with more understanding and more engagement. 

Next dates:

Next course runs weekends: Feb 25/26 and Mar 11/12 and Mar 25/26, 2017.

Spring course runs long weekends: May 12/13/14 and May 26/27/28, 2017

Click here for pricing information. Our basic NLP certification price is $2095 plus HST. We offer generous discounts for full time students, multiple registrations and graduates of other NLP programs.

What makes us the best place to study NLP?

* Try before you buy at free events; read our posts or listen to our podcasts. You’ll learn that we continually develop new and better approaches to training and communication.

* We continually update our work to reflect current thinking and practices not only in NLP but in academic fields including psychology and business.

* We promote the work of our grads. You can check out our coaching page of Master Practitioners or read speaker bios at our conference page. 

* You are welcome back (free of charge) for a minimum of 3 years to build your skills and understanding. We are committed to your learning.

* We offer flexible payment options and a tuition tax certificate when your payments are complete.

Hours, Methods and Materials

Our training days typically begin at 9am with coffee (class begins at 9:15) and end at 6pm.  In between, we take one 75 minute break for lunch.  Other breaks are incorporated into the time for exercises and interaction so that the day provides for uninterrupted connection and learning.  

We train in a beautiful building off Queen's Park that provides lots of natural light and the small spaces that allow introverts to enjoy more privacy as they work through exercises. Our groups are normally limited to fewer than 12 participants. We work content free, focusing on how you think, not what you think. You will never be asked to share private information with the group.

We use NLP to teach NLP. You will learn by watching, by doing, and by reviewing the comprehensive manual we provide.  Expect to practice the skills of change and communication, learning from both your own experience and the experience of your classmates. On graduation day, you’ll receive audio tracks so that you can replay key experiences, and e-book versions of both the practitioner manual and Living Your Purpose.

Certification is at the discretion of the trainers and requires that you participate fully in all three units of the course. There is no written testing but trainers do continuously monitor your performance on the exercises and there are opportunities to both ask and answer questions after each exercise.

Human beings are designed/have evolved to enjoy connecting in safe environments. The environment at NLP Canada Training encourages safe, relaxed practice with heightened awareness. People learn, laugh and leave with a new perspective and skills that make a difference.

Call  416-928-2394 OR EMAIL 47 Queen’s Park Cres. E., Toronto, ON, M5S 2C3