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Fully Engaged: Power, Choice, Discovery

7 Steps: A New Approach to Setting Goals

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Is certification important?

How Connecting to Your Purpose Improves Your Results

You’ve probably heard that mindset makes a real difference in what people are able to achieve. A growth mindset means believing that you are capable of learning. With a growth mindset, you see every failure as an opportunity to learn something useful. This is why people with a growth mindset are unstoppable: they learn by winning and they learn by failing. 

What drives all that learning is a sense that there are things worth knowing. You can think of this as having a purpose for your life. Although you might spend your whole life trying to identify and articulate that purpose, you know it is real. You know that purpose is the thing that ties together all the good choices you have made and all the positive influence you will have. Your purpose is so compelling, so worth it, that it drives you to learn from every win and from every mistake.

Neurolinguistic programming is results-based process. Although NLP itself is rooted in making observable change to get predictable results, the techniques of NLP allow us to observe how successful people use concepts and curiosity in unpredictable ways. Purpose may not be something observable or something that can be defined. But we can observe the results when people choose to connect with a sense of purpose and use it to drive their choices.

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