Work with NLPCT Master Practitioners

The team at NLP Canada Training is proud to recommend the work of the Master Practitioners who have trained with us. 

Sheri Andrunyk

Have you been meaning to write a book? Sheri can coach you through the whole process, from the motivation and discipline to write the first draft to the book signings and virtual book tours to sell the finished product. If you want someone is both very kind and very competent to bring out the best in your book, visit Sheri (if you click on the Shiftwork link, it takes you to her online bookstore). Sheri works from her office in Holland Landing, north of Toronto.

Susan Hobson

Susan has a fierce commitment to reaching beyond limits. If you have a young elite athlete, trust him or her to Susan for learning how to handle the pressure and connect with the part of themselves that will excel in athletics and beyond. Susan also works with a variety of clients who are transitioning into new careers or pushing their careers into new challenges.  Susan has an office in the financial district in Toronto and also offers telephone and Skype coaching. Watch Susan’s Motivational Monday videos for tips, tricks, tools and strategies for keeping your performance outcomes nice and high.

Kathleen Milligan

Kathleen Milligan is a gifted practitioner of NLP, hypnosis, EFT and other forms of energy psychology. She understands how to respond to both conscious and unconscious communication, drawing out resources and strengths and working around resistance. 

"My work is bigger than words. Much of it centers on the relationship between mind and body, which means that until you’ve experienced it yourself, it’s hard to fully grasp what we’re doing here. And the truth is the word “doing” is misleading. The real challenge is being, and that’s where I start and end with all my clients – with you being you."

Michel Neray

Michel Neray combines expertise in branding and marketing with a unique ability to help entrepreneurs and professionals explore and articulate their strongest, most differentiating message  Work with Michel when you need to develop new channels or products while maintaining your integrity and identity. Michel travels extensively, but his practice is located in Toronto. You might also want to visit MoMondays, the unique event he created to give people a place to tell their stories. It’s fun and energizing and coming soon to a city near you.

Zoe Pepler

Zoe does terrific work helping women move past their trauma, anxiety, and limiting beliefs to achieve healthier, happier lives. Whether you are struggling with old demons or just want to discover parts of yourself that have been waiting for your attention, Zoe is a good guide to finding what you need. Zoe’s office is near the University of Toronto campus at St. George and Bloor Sts.

Andrew Reid

Most of Andrew’s coaching work is now located in British Columbia. He’s a great combination of tough competitor and relaxed, energizing motivator. For many years an expert in team building, Andrew is also an expert at helping individuals build their businesses or careers.

Irene Roberts

Irene’s practice is located in Ottawa. She is warm and compassionate and pragmatic and clear-eyed as she takes coaching clients through career management and job transition and assists them with resolving conflict management and work-related issues.  She works with clients to inspire and support them to make the necessary choices to enrich their work and personal life so that they can achieve their goals and live the life they want.   If you’re going through conflict or job transition (or if you’re thinking about retiring), Irene is a calm and wise coach with good tools and many years of experience working in the ever changing environment of the federal government.

Adele Tevlin

Adele is an Executive Weight Loss Coach. What she does is much more than to help people lose weight. She teaches people that heightened awareness does not mean being self-conscious; it means being confident that you are making good choices. When people work with Adele, they learn to observe their own eating patterns and make changes that work for them. Adele has an office in the financial district in Toronto.

Lorraine Thornhill

Lorraine is a life and wellness coach who works from her office in Stouffville, north of Toronto. Lorraine is certified in NLP, hypnosis, and several other models. She has a great toolkit that she applies with acuity to guide her clients to better choices and increased satisfaction. More than this, Lorraine has developed a presence that makes people feel accepted and stronger almost before she begins to work with them.

Roz Usheroff

Like Andrew Reid, Roz Usheroff does most of her work outside the province, travelling all over the world to help people develop better judgment about how to manage their careers and contribute to their organizations. You probably will not have the chance to work one-to-one with Roz, but visit her site and buy her books or her video course. She is funny and smart and a wonderful communicator who will show you what you need to feel more in control of your work and more satisfied with your results.

Mike Verhey

Mike Verhey is a smart practical executive coach who brings decades of experience to helping people solve business problems, lead effective teams, and build sustainable success. He combines the principles and practices of NLP with several other coaching and organizational development models. His office is in the GTA.

Call  416-928-2394 OR EMAIL 47 Queen’s Park Cres. E., Toronto, ON, M5S 2C3