Linda with mike

Linda and the team at NLP Canada Training are all accomplished speakers who would love to inspire your group to make change happen. If you’re looking for a speaker to deliver a short keynote, a lunch ’n learn, or a presentation at your evening networking event, Linda Ferguson and her team have a program that will delight, engage and challenge your group to do more.

Here are four keynotes that can be tailored for your group and event:

Don’t Go with the Flow, Go with Desire

Desire makes the difference between people of similar abilities, resources and experience. It drives the extra effort and the more intense focus of high achievers. It makes us fun to watch and a little scary. Going with your desire might not be safe, but it’s the only way to drive the life you really want to be living.

Relationship and Resilience

What’s the connection between the ability to develop rapport and the ability to bounce back from challenges and stay committed to your goals? Learn how the neuroscience of social connection and the practices of NLP allow you to develop relationships that support your best self and bring out the best in other people. Discover the difference that makes the most of your connection to models, mentors and partners.

How to Explore Yourself

Most of human behaviour is done without thinking. We are driven by mental processes outside of our conscious awareness: instinct, habits, skills and emotions are all examples of this. Each of us is run by a brain that can process amounts of information that is unimaginable to our thinking minds. Learn practical ways to live better with what you don’t know about yourself and to discover a little more of you along the way.

Stories That Motivate

Reading fiction lights up much of your brain: it activates more areas than reading non-fiction. Storytelling must light up even more as you respond to the voice, expressions, and gestures of another human being. Great motivators use stories to get people to imagine taking action so that they will act when the time is right. Learn how stories of moments you value can create more value in the future.

If you’d like to know more, please call the office at 416-928-2394 and arrange a consultation with Linda. Before you call, think about the results you would like to generate with your event. We don’t just talk about change - we make it happen.

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